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I am a Dutch-Iranian artist and sociologist.

A common thread of influence in my artistic and life practice is my attitude towards death and its implications. Like many humans, I fear the discontinuity of my own consciousness. I also have nihilistic tendencies, which leaves me with only my current living body to rely on. I use the materiality of a human body, either of the spectator, the performer, or myself, as a medium to position myself against this discontinuity. I use the confrontation with the materiality of a human body as an opening to both otherworldliness as humbleness. Parallel to this, I am endlessly fascinated by the absurdity of the behavior in which these material bodies are poured into an everyday basis. 


My current practice-based artistic research [working title: GUT] facilitates an experience of the body as material. Those who participate in the installations and performances linked to this research will be aurally immersed in the complex soundscape of the human underbelly. Sound which normally emanates from the small private space of a human body will now become part of a larger space: are there traces of the infinite in the finite body? 

Diane Mahín 

b. 1993 Maastricht, Netherlands | +31(0)625190654 |

1032 JX Amsterdam | 



2022 Sandberg Institute - MFA re:master Opera

2020 Maastricht, Institute of Performative Arts - MA Theatre

2019 Goldsmiths, University of London (UK) - MA Visual Sociology  (distinction)

2017 University of the Arts Utrecht - Preparatory Course Fine Art

2017 Utrecht University - BSc Sociology 

2017 Utrecht University - BA Liberal Arts and Sciences 

2016 University of California Santa Barbara (USA) - Exchange (art/philosophy/history)

2013 Utrecht University – Minor Media en Culture


Exhibitions and performances

09.2022    Director + Performer: For a Long Time Now, co-created with Manuel Groothuysen, Amsterdam Fringe Festival
07.2022    Director: GUT 4, Over het IJ Festival, Amsterdam
05.2022    Director: GUT 3, Theater Kikker, Utrecht
04.2022    Dramaturg: One from The Heart, directed by Just van Bommel, Zaal 3, The Hague  
03.2022    Director + Performer: For a Long Time Now, in collaboration with Manuel Groothuysen, The Spectrum Space x Instrument Inventors The Hague
02.2022    Assistant-Director: CRISPR, by Davy Pieters, Theater Rotterdam

10-11.12.2021 Director: Winternights Maastricht, This Connection of Everyone with Guts

09.2021 Montage director: Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Thank you for your Beauty, Just van Bommel en Kiriko Mechanicus

09-18.07.2021- Director: Zeecontainerprogramma Over het IJ festival, I think it’s a good thing that you came here

03.’19-05.’19 Postmortem Recordings, Expocafé Zamen, Amsterdam

11.’19-12.’19 Intervention during ‘De Laatste Aai’, Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam

02.11.2019 Museumnacht Amsterdam, Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam

26.07.2019 SNACK – Sociology is Not a Complete Knowledge, Greenwich West Community & Arts Centre, London (UK) 

18.05.2019 Things to Do When You’re Dead, Cambridge City Crematorium (UK) 05.04.2019 Residual Matters, Goldsmiths, University of London (UK)

01.05.2016 Imprisoned [performance], UCSB, California (USA) 



03.2022 Instrument Inventors Initiative, The Hague

11.2021 NDSM-Theater Performance Technology Lab

07.2021 Pianofabriek Brussel Zomerresidentie GC De Markten

05.2021 WORM Rotterdam Performance Bar Residency 


Work experience and commissions

2021 Performer: To Carry the Sun, IDFA Meets, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam

2021 Waitress: Jan van Eyck Academie, MAastricht

2019 Waitress: Expocafé Zamen, Amsterdam

2019 Trainee Public Programme: Prince Claus Fund, Amsterdam

2019 Set designer: VASSIŁINA, Albany Theatre, London (UK) 

2019 Voice-over artist: Under Construction, door Julia Sterre Schmitz 

2019 Performer: Sorry, What? during Prelon Musk: Acts of Kleinness, in Asylum Chapel, London (UK), directed by Eilidh Delves 

2019 Co-curator: Residual Matters, Goldsmiths, University of London (UK) 

2017 Performer: Alles Over Iets en Dingen en Niets, during Prepare Festival, Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis, Amsterdam, directed by Diede Daalman 

2016 Producer: Jay’s Jazz Nights, Isla Vista, California (USA) 



2022 VIA ZUID Maker

2018- International Visual Sociology Association 

2016 IV Open Lab (community art organisation), Isla Vista, California (USA) 


Extracurricular training

2021 SPRING Academy, Julian Hetzel Masterclass

2021 Floris Visser Opera Directing Masterclass

2019 Ableton Live Beginners training, Goldsmiths, University of London 

2016 Acting preparatory course, De Toneelmeester, Amsterdam

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