Rewire Festival 2023, The Hague [NL]
Image by Alexander Namrok

GUT is a durational performance which imagines how humans behave when their bodies are turned inside out. During this experience, spectators come face to face with a man whose intestinal sounds are amplified. His thoughts, actions, communications, movements and feelings are all determined by these visceral noises. In fact, the guthuman can not move nor think without his gut sounds. The more active his guts get, the more vitality he shows. This performative world draws attention to the thin boundary between life and death, conscious reasoning and the subconscious gut, resulting in a visceral and absurd experience. 

Visitors are invited to walk in and out of this durational performance.

KIKK Festival 2023, Namur, BE
Image by Quentin Chervier

Rewire Festival 2023, The Hague, NL
Image by Alexander Namrok

Come Together, Frascati, Amsterdam [NL]
Image by Reinout Bos

Concept, direction, design: Diane Mahín
Performance: Manuel Groothuysen
Artistic advice: Fabián Santarciel de la Quintana, Asya Deinekina, Erik van de Wijdeven, Gerben Vaillant
Dramaturgical advice: Elowise Vandenbroecke
Assistance: Liz Abels
Co-producers: instrument inventors initiative x Rewire, Come Together Festival
Distributor: instrument inventors initiative
Special thanks: Performance Technology Lab, Over het IJ Festival, Erik van der Paardt, Bart van den Eynde, Sanne van Rijn, Bianca van der Schoot, Selm Merel Wenselaers